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Believe it or not, buying a car in Massachusetts from any of the surrounding states - New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island - is easier than you might expect. At AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, we frequently welcome out-of-state buyers to our lot, and it's our job to help them understand that despite their non-residency, they're still able to get their hands on the new or used Nissan of their choice. To make things even smoother for the shopper, we have a dedicated team of service representatives who'll be happy to provide all of the necessary details and guidance. Here's a quick summary of what to expect if you're shopping a car in the Bay State but live elsewhere.




Sales Tax Requirements


This is the most common concern among buyers hailing from a different state: "Do I have to pay sales tax in both states?" The answer is simple: the only sales tax you have to pay is the one from your home state - and if you're a resident of tax-free New Hampshire, you know that's really good news. While many potential buyers assume they'll need to pay double the sales tax when they buy out of state, it's just not so. Our showroom is chock-full of high-quality vehicles, so if you find a car that you really like, there's no need to turn around and resume your search closer to home.


Emissions Standards


Each state maintains its own emission requirements, with California having the most stringent under the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Because of this, most states - including MA, RI, NY, and CT - only sell vehicles that meet with CARB's standards. Since the above-mentioned states are all within CARB compliance, all of the cars on our lot are prepped and ready to be driven in all fifty states. New Hampshire, on the other hand, is not in compliance with CARB, meaning that if you were to buy a car there it might not pass in some others.


Getting Your Car Home


At AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, our representatives will be able to help you get your newly purchased vehicle home without any bumps in the road. While your vehicle will need to be registered in your home state, you'll get a temporary registration so you can drive across borders on the up and up. If you have questions, call or visit our dealership and speak with one of our helpful service representatives.

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