Nissan Wheel Alignment Service Near Lowell MA

Whether your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, the steering wheel is vibrating too often or there's uneven tread wear on your tires, it may be time for a wheel alignment. At AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, our certified Nissan technicians are here to perform the proper wheel alignment on your vehicle and to ensure the overall integrity of your car and tires.

The AutoFair Nissan Alignment Difference:
Certified technicians align crucial suspension components 
           with state-of-the-art alignment technology.
Up-to-date specifications ensure your alignment is precise.
Protects and ensures the longevity or your tire investment.
Keeps the suspension system running efficiently.


AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, Massachusetts wants to make certain you enjoy the very best performance with your Nissan vehicle. Our service department is staffed with Nissan Certified technicians to keep your Nissan performing efficiently on the road for a long duration of time. Scheduling a wheel alignment before it may be necessary is one way to ensure the overall performance of your Nissan vehicle. A slight pulling to the left or right of your vehicle when you're driving is the first telltale sign you may need an alignment. Although you can counter act this with over steering to the other side, the longevity of your tires may suffer as a result.

A faulty alignment will cause tires to wear unevenly and shorten the life of the tires on your car. It also reduces your gas mileage and may also lead to a more expensive repair involving your suspension system. At AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, MA our trained specialists are here to perform your wheel alignment and make certain it meets up to factory specifications. We'll also make certain to check if your tires need to be balanced and rotated, when we work on your wheel alignment.

We will not perform any unnecessary maintenance or any work without your authorization and we'll always give you a fair estimate at our guaranteed lowest price. Even if you don't own a Nissan vehicle, you can expect the same exceptional service as Nissan car owners enjoy at AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, MA.

Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly at AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, MA. We'll get you in and out as quickly as possible and we'll do the job right the first time. We want you to come back to us for all your car care needs. Your safety and satisfaction is our #1 Goal at AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford, MA.

The AutoFair Nissan of Chelmsford Difference 
With decades of expert auto service experience in the Chelmsford, MA region, our service advisor staff is here to answer any question you may have regarding your wheel alignment, tires and vehicle. We are here to help you through the entire service process. Enjoy convenient same day appointments, free shuttle service and a complimentary loaner car if your service takes longer than 2 hours.